Do You Know What Is The Best Position To Sleep For A Healthy Body


Sleep is a vital need of our lives. It is well said that “Your future depends on your dreams, so go to sleep”. Sleep is important for our physical as well as mental health. Sleep is involved in repairing our heart and blood vessels. Sleep deficiency leads to a risk of hypertension, kidney disease, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

When we do yoga or similar form of exercises we pay attention to our posture as it may lead to injuries. We should similar attention to out slumber. Some folks lay relatively still all night, and others toss and turn. It’s all okay as long as you aren’t waking up sore.

However, your sleep could be better. Your body is actually still pretty active during that time, filing away memories, digesting dinner, and recharging your batteries, plus, of course, taking in oxygen and circulating blood. As it turns out, the position you take during sleep makes a huge difference in how effective these processes are, and there is a best position.

Sleeping on your left side is the gold standard in slumber positioning, and we’ve got compelling reasons why is that. Not convinced? Stick with us as we count the ways.

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